Thursday, 31 March 2016

Really #Fees must fall, Like Seriously

I know most people might find me rude for what am about to share with you now, I know the truth does really hurt.

I have realized one problem about us South Africans we always have a new issue to face every day, But we don’t come with solutions even if we do its hardly maintained.Sustainability in the country is an issue.

Let me get straight to the point THIS #Fees  must fall it must really come to an end come on we both know that it’s not going to happen am not being negative or anything like that am being realistic.
For starters, the tax paying –Small amount of people are paying tax here in South Africa ,where do you expect the Government to take the money from ?There is also big problem which this  country is already facing high rate of unemployment .

There is already high rate of graduate who are sitting at home with no employment and you so proud shouting and wasting your time; #Fees Must fall REALLY! Do not forget people that South Africa is a developing country .Out 195 countries only six Countries have free Education. Mostly European Countries. They are developed countries not developing.

The reason why these countries have free Education from primary to tertiary Level it’s because their citizens pay Tax literally all of them. We have millions of people who are unemployed including graduates here in South Africa, how are they going to give free education when no one is paying tax.

Let us first workout on the Leadership of this country, creation of jobs so that people can start paying tax. Then we can start  tackling issues such as Free of fees in the  Tertiary Education.

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