Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Thinking  of  tomorrow …

For It is said that: “Youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow “.Are we still saying that where else there is a high rate of youth unemployment, high rate of university drop-out, high rate of matric drop-out  in 2014  50%,matric dropped out.

We extremely good when it comes to pointing out problems facing the leaders of tomorrow but extremely slow when it comes to pointing out Solutions. 
Whilst i was in Matric , they would bring people from different institutions lecturing  us on how much we should study, which is sometimes truly pointless because at some point you know that you have to study.... ! They might call it  a reminder but who reminds you to eat either drink water because you know that if you don't you will definitely kick the bucket.

For what good reason should you be reminded about your future? They would also tell us how much we should get 50% in order to be admitted in  tertiary Education institutions, great where else we grew up with the mindset that get 30% for the three main subjects and get 40% for the rest you have passed and you are even promoted to the next grade .

Cool ...why strive for a 70 where else 30 is enough. Get to matric things change...  50% or more where else we used to the system of 30%. Then we get such problems as Matric dropouts, 50% matric drop out  is no joke and ask yourself where are they going to end with their lives. Lack of information at a very young stage and also the system of 30% PASS RATE should be eliminated. 50% above will do it should be implemented at a young age so that they grow up with it. With respect, you were taught at a very young age and you grow up with it , that can also be applicable with education.

Not to forget the career exploration must be done at least  each year in all of the High Schools from grade 8 to 12 because people keep on changing career path now and then at a wrong stage. Students in university take certain courses due to money and "fame" ..I love using engineering  example because if you doing engineering you have great chances of being respected both by family and the most students fall to that pit. Such wrong ideas lead to University dropout rate to be on the rise ...Lack of career information
Ø  .Tip never take career chosen for you and also engaging yourself with a career because is in demand.

I matriculated last year,2014 never knew what I wanted to do due to lack of information my main focus was to get distinctions. Obtain myself a bursary then go to university ...Where else I had no clue with what I was passionate about neither any career information . Luckily enough, I was assisted by a certain company where am offered full assistance of career guidance where I engage myself with different types of careers to see where I best fit. For it is given a name of Internship Preparation Year equivalent to a gap year. Difference is with gap year you just think for the whole year where you best fit in without exploring different options.   As for what am blessed with I have full access to the internet where I can engage myself with different types of careers also do the free online courses and get a clue what am going to be doing when I do my degree at any given institution.

-At first I wanted to do Law...and it happened that I did a Free Online Course for law. Before I knew it  I Left it the next day....
-Secondly I got interested with IT I then wanted to be a  Web developer which I kind of enjoy  ,but I left it because I felt Like it was not meant for me...
-At, last I found something I love, which is marketing. Which I never knew about when I was in my school days. I knew that there was a thing called Marketing but did not have information about it and never thought I would love it now am fully informed about Marketing and I want to be Marketing Manager and Director.
Imagine if I had to change so much when I was in university money and time wasted never regained so they say. This is what happens with the first years which is truly affected the country and them at the same time.
The amazing part is I didn't choose Commerce subject in grade ten, I took Science subjects, but my career path is aligned with Commercial studies anyways that is Disadvantages of not having access to information.

The main reason why am sharing my story is because I wish that such programs can be implemented to eradicate this rate of drop outs .Programs to assist people with career choices before taking step forward to engaging themselves with those certain  careers they have no clue about .

By Cleopatra Nokulunga Ndlovu

Follow the link below ,helpful steps to take in order to elevate your career path.

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