Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Word with no definition : 'Normality'

I believe everyone has a story to tell and have different perception about life, the thing is we trapped in a confined box that we cannot jump out and share what is on our mind.
Simple because we afraid about what will people say.

Normal...we create  normality because  there is no true and clear definition of Normal, Creation changes.Some view “norm” according to culture, social classes or according to the system.

Normal is when you do what everyone is doing all because of the system and a simple acceptances from the society. Well everyone is different in his or her own way that is being unique, but there is that difference which is not in the norm. That difference is when you do things unconditionally which most people think that is not normal and unacceptable. Then that is where abnormality fits in.

Normality is the way of belonging.In the norm, we taught how to do certain things in order to reach a certain goal or destiny we are so indoctrinated in such a way that we cannot even think for ourselves we just follow. Now that is the norm.Being told how to think.

As for a person like me, I do not believe in normal or abnormality either indifference because the more we classify ourselves in different segments then segregation, discrimination and isolation begins there because we feel like no one is like me so I do not belong here. If you accept yourself,t he more people will accept you.Fighting for acceptance shows that you do not accept who are you.Hope you understand what I mean

People classify themselves being in the norm due to acceptance because they so eager to be accepted.No one will ever define normal nor abnormality because there is no existence in those two words.
One said: “Normal is average and average is not being ambitious”. If you told yourself that you normal would, you still consider yourself normal.
Who is Normal and who is not?

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