Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Fallen Waitress

I went for a Waitress job-hunting on Wednesday, 2nd of September at Brooklyn Mall went to almost all the restaurant I could ever find. Finally, was then very lucky got an opportunity at Cappuccinos…You know nowadays it is very hard to get a position in any job if you have no experience because people who are in demand are those who have experience of two or more years  regardless of what job category it is.² You very young and you look innocent am not sure, whether you the right person for this job ² really 

If this girl looks innocent in your eyes then I do not want to be innocent!  Anyways that is what the owner of the Restaurant said. At least he gave me the opportunity to prove myself that am not as young as he thinks and that am not as innocent as I look in a good way, though! Well had my first Waitress training on Friday 4th of September it felt like I have been in this industry for a long time at first I was nervous then I got to move with the flow.
.I was then told that I will be writing the test the next coming Friday ………… whoa Whattttt!!!!!!!!!!?????????  Test ?????  Friday??????

The day I took my Résumé was told that the training would take ten days.Now it's seven days! Guess you have to be ready for anything in life.Anyways I had to sacrifice my sleep for six days and cram the damn menu which I did of cause needed the job badly. The day came, wrote the test then got the results on Monday …………….My heart stopped for a sec, then it started beating fast on the other hand my knees were quivering .Wetted my pan ts ,no am kidding I did not. I could not believe what my ears heard .Then exited reality went to a place called nowhere for 5 to ten minutes where I saw myself owning Cappucci nos,yeah  all of that kind of fantasy .. Then came back to reality. A very good technique for consoling yourself if the same thing happens to you .
I might not have made it but it was great experience leant a lot, which I never knew how it was made, but always had it. My favorite section was the BAR!!!! I am eighteen by the way. I have learnt how to make THREE COCKTAILS Pinna Colada, Strawberry Supernova and Long Island I tasted the Pinna Colada and it was mind blowing and it was also my first time having a COCKTAIL .
All I ever dreamt since I begin with the training was becoming the best Waitress whom will up-sell the most expensive Champagne, which was never sold in Cappuccinos by any of the waiters / waitress (AS I SAID THE BAR DID IT FOR ME).
Always know there is two sides of every story good or bad, I might have failed the test but I came out of that training with a lot of information, which will be usable someday!


  1. Sharing is so important. Thanks for sharing!
    You have not fallen at all! Keep moving! You are on the move.
    Ask Martin for the best Watron training sites?

  2. Let us get productive!. Learn to gain knowledge. Practice to master skills.
    Let us go go go ......

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    Looks like you should engage them.